Hot Sale Sound Proof Generator with Perkins Engine 20KW Trailer Type Diesel Generator

Mobile diesel generator sets, also known as trailer type gensets, are designed to provide prime or backup power for field construction and are widely used in the power, mobile, telecommunications and civil industries. Trailer traction is required for the trailer type gensets to move. Compared with emergency power supply, maneuverability is poor, but size and weight are small and the cost is low. The mobile diesel generator sets can be divided into two-wheel, four-wheel, six-wheel, eight-wheel, single-axis or two-axis structure according to the power size, which can be equipped with built-in large-capacity running fuel tank with spring damping, braking function, traffic warning sign, rain cover and visual operation control screen for user maintenance and operation.

Products Details

1. Flexible and convenient draw-bar for easy traction. 2. The unique manual, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes keep the traction safe and reliable. 3. Aluminum or steel container-type casing to ensure that the gensets is not eroded by rain, snow and dust. 4. The main cable quick-plug allows the user to output power conveniently and quickly. 5. The daily fuel tank ensures that the unit runs continuously for 8 hours. 6. Manual or hydraulic support legs for stable support of the weight for a long time 7. Heavy-duty air filter, motor dust-proof device, adapt to desert and dust environment 8. Air heating device and water jacket preheating device are suitable for humid and cold environment.1. Provide two wheels, four wheels, six wheels and eight wheels according to actual requirements. 2. Provide large-capacity built-in fuel tank according to actual requirements. 3. Optimize noise according to the actual use requirements for air inlet and outlet.1. All day use performance, suitable for field work and mobility. 2. Good ventilation system and measures to prevent heat radiation to ensure that the Gensets is always running at the best working condition. 3. Large capacity daily fuel tank can run continuously for more than 8hrs at full load. 4. The wheeled chassis is reserved with traction device, which can be positioned and adjusted at any time. 5. The use of special noise reduction and noise reduction materials can greatly suppress mechanical noise and exhaust noise. 6. We can provide pre-installed cable holder for customer convenience. 7. Self-contained warning lights, turn signals, fog lights and traffic safety requirements. 8. Easy maintenance and inspection.

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